Sol Set Collective

Ola de Novo

Released July 11, 2022

A Real Kick-Back-And-Listen Kind of Release

Olá de Novo has been twenty years in the making. The band project that was incarnated in the early 2000s by friends John Beltran and Shane Donnelly has now been reincarnated all these years later with a fresh new sound and post-pandemic attitude. An album with a whimsical spirit but academically sound moments and the right vibes for those looking for a soulful and breezy musical experience.

Enjoy the remake of their popular Aztec Girl, the Stevie vibes of Bliss Mode, the soulful Bossa groove of Rhythm of the Sun or close your eyes and take a trip to Bahia with Linda São Paulo.

If sun-kissed soul is your thing, then Olá de Novo is your album!